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Hands On Mobile runtime environment

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Friday, April 6th 2007 - 15:31 CEST - Comments: 0
H ands On Mobile runtime environment : Hands-On Mobile, Inc., the world’s leading developer of connected mobile games and applications announced the Hands-On Mobile Runtime Environment (Hombre), a rapid-development platform that redefines the consumer mobile experience and revolutionizes how mobile applications are built and deployed. Based on simple server-side development, Hombre makes rich, interactive mobile applications a reality for all mobile users regardless of their phone type, and puts mobile development within reach of anyone who has built simple XML-based services. With the Hands-On Mobile Runtime Environment, the opportunities to create cutting-edge and extremely useful applications are endless.
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Hands On Mobile - Hombre platform

To demonstrate the strength of the Hombre platform, the company will award $50,000 to the creator of the most innovative Hombre widget. The contest is an integral part of the Hombre Developer's Network launching in Q2 2007. "From a developer's perspective, Hombre makes creating rich mobile applications as simple as web publishing. Hombre applications and content are automatically optimized for any handset, regardless of carrier, without compromising the user experience," said Hands-On Mobile Chief Technology Officer Michael Temkin. "By eliminating the need to individually port each application to more than a thousand handsets, Hombre cuts both development costs and time to market."


Hands On Mobile runtime environment

Utilizing a thin downloadable client, Hombre makes it easy to create the kind of dynamic mobile products people want, from social networking applications to integrated web and mobile offerings to customized phonetops and mobile storefronts. The Hombre platform also provides marketing and revenue opportunities, including targeted ad serving and real-time research and feedback. In addition, publishers can deliver new functionality, updated navigation or fresh content at any time without any user intervention or performance lag.


Mobile runtime environment - Features

Hombre's "always-on" experience brings the phone alive by creating a mobile environment that offers fast connectivity, real-time interactivity and streaming content. Unlike first generation mobile applications, Hombre-based applications are designed for the mobile environment; they do much more than simply provide a way to browse the mobile web. With Hombre-enabled applications, consumers experience all the benefits of a real-time connected environment without buying a new phone or changing carriers. They are able to:

  • Instantly connect to the communities they care about
  • Participate in live multiplayer games/activities across all carriers and from web to phone
  • Continually update/customize their phones with new applications/content/community while taking full advantage of their handset capabilities like GPS, SMS wake-up, etc.
  • Receive the "push" content they care about in the form of live, streaming information

Hombre next generation connected application

Hombre's client-server architecture allows for rich functionality coupled with speedy connectivity. As a result, the Hombre mobile experience rivals that of the desktop in both usefulness and speed. More than two years in development, the Hombre platform highlights Hands-On Mobile's focus on creating and enabling next-generation connected applications. Hombre's proprietary network layer is already in use across the world, supporting millions of multiplayer, live gaming sessions. It's the power behind the world's most successful mobile connected game, World Poker Tour: Texas Hold ‘Em.


Hombre developers kit - Availability

WPT leads the United States casino category with more than 800,000 connected players playing across all carriers. Over 200,000 multiplayer poker hands are played every week in the United States alone. Hands-On Mobile will release a suite of Hombre-based applications in Q2/Q3 2007, including social networking and community applications, video and audio sharing products and new multiplayer, connected games. The Hombre Developers Kit will be available Q2 2007.

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