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Mark Peters
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Huawei Mate S photography features

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Wednesday, September 16th 2015 - 20:40 CEST - Comments: 0
P rofessional photography with the new Huawei Mate S - The Huawei Mate S is equipped with a professional-grade camera that is great for all levels of users - from beginners to experts - providing everyone with high specifications, including contrast, texture and distinctive tonality settings. The high-quality 13 megapixel rear camera features a four-color RGBW image sensor, optical image stabilizer, powerful dual color-temp LED flash lights, and independent image signal processor camera units, which combine to capture higher quality pictures.
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Huawei Mate S photography


Huawei Mate S mobile photography

The Huawei Mate S takes camera capabilities one step further by offering an 8 megapixel front camera with soft, front lights to improve selfies. This ensures that users capture the clearest, most beautifying pictures possible. The Huawei Mate S also comes with fingerprint sense technology, allowing users to take a 'natural selfie' by touching the fingerprint sensor on the back of the smartphone, an easier and more natural way to hold the device. The professional camera mode allows manual adjustment for ISO, exposure compensation, exposure time, white balance and focusing, and functions such as the grid, and flash-assisted focusing. The black and white filter mode was designed for artistic expression and automatically takes classic photos that provide multiple levels of density and real-time intensity adjustment.


Professional photography features


Professional photography features

For the first time, a smartphone camera is capable of providing a professional photography experience. The Huawei Mate S runs on Android 5.1 OS and is equipped with a large 5.5-inch AMOLED touch display. The sapphire camera lens is extremely scratch resistant and lets in more light to enhance camera performance. High Dynamic Range flashlight balances the lighting between a foreground figure and the background for sharper and more beautiful images when you're using your flash. In addition to its photography features, the new Mate S is also capable of recording 1080P video. The powerful 2700mAh battery guarantees you hours of photography fun!


Huawei Mate S

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