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Nic Rossmüller
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Mobile phone signal improvement survey

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Thursday, March 29th 2007 - 19:33 CEST - Comments: 0
F rom going outside to standing by a window to “contorting themselves into weird places” or “pulling a matrix move as I tried to keep a signal,” today’s consumers will do just about anything to secure and keep a cell phone signal indoors. According to the zBoost Cell Phone Signal Survey commissioned by Wi-Ex, the leading provider of consumer cell phone signal boosters, and conducted by Harris Interactive, 62 percent of cell phone owners who make calls at home have done something special to improve signal reception in an attempt to make or receive a cell phone call indoors including going outside (46 percent), standing by a window (42 percent) or using their landline instead (30 percent).
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Improve cell phone reception indoors

"Mobile phones have evolved from car phones to hand held data devices that increase productivity throughout our business and personal lives. As cell phones have become more integrated into our lives, consumers are demanding better reception at home, in the office and on the go," said Lloyd R. Meese, President and CEO of Wi-Ex. "Our recent survey shows just how far people will go in order to improve their cell phone signal. With the zBoost suite of products, consumers now have access to the first affordably priced signal booster and no longer have to go to these extremes to enjoy quality in-door cell phone coverage." 


Improve the mobile phone connection

The zBoost Cell Phone Signal Survey revealed that 69 percent of cell phone owners who make cell phone calls at home have missed or dropped cell phone calls due to poor signal reception or dead zones in their home and many will do unusual things in hopes of improving their cell phone signal indoors. The survey captured verbatim responses on what cell phone owners who make cell phone calls at home have done to improve signal reception when attempting to make or receive a cell phone call in their home including:

  • "Stood in the closet with the light off"
  • "Stand in my daughter's room touching the chain from her ceiling fan"
  • "Stand on higher things like a couch or chair"
  • "Stood by metal [stuff]"
  • "Lay perfectly still without moving"
  • "Run back and forth"
  • "Moved my arm around"
  • "Held my head at a funny angle"
  • "Gone upstairs"
  • "Hang out the window"
  • "Kept moving my cell phone until I got a signal...and ended up pulling a matrix move as I tried to keep the signal"

zBoost mobile phone signal improvement survey

zBoost offers a suite of products that improve in-door cell phone signals through the creation of cell zones. They are easy to install, affordable and increase in-building coverage by up to 2500 sq ft.


Mobile phone signal boost products - Price & Availability

The zBoost product line is compatible with 800MHz and 1900MHz and range in price from $99 - $399 including:

  • zBoost zPersonal (zP) - Booster works with 800MHz and 1900MHz
  • zBoost - Cellular frequency works with 800MHz
  • zBoost - PCS frequency works with 1900MHz
  • zBoost - Dual Band works with both 800MHz and 1900MHz
  • zBoost for the car - Dual Band works both 800MHz and 1900MHz
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