Panasonic HD camcorders

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Ralf Jurrien
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Panasonic Full HD camcorders

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Saturday, January 25th 2014 - 16:00 CET - Comments: 0
P anasonic is proud to announce a new lineup of five high quality Full HD camcorders packed with powerful features for enhancing the shooting experience and monitoring your family. The Panasonic HC-W850 HD camcorder features Twin Camera enables shooting picture-in-picture video with a sub-camera located on the side of the LCD screen. The Twin Camera captures two scenes at once, such as a close-up shot and landscape shot in the same direction, front and side shots, or shots of the subject and person filming for even greater creative freedom and excitement while shooting.
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Panasonic Full HD camcorders


Panasonic HD camcorders

The Panasonic W850, V750, V550, and V250 HD camcorders include the new Baby Monitor feature which enables you to monitor a sleeping baby in another room through your smartphone when you are otherwise occupied. You can even speak to the baby using your smartphone or have notification sent to your smartphone when your baby's crying voice is detected. The Panasonic W850, V750, V550, and V250 HD camcorders also include built-in WiFi. One-touch connection by NFC (Near Field Communication) enables you to quickly and easily connect to your smartphone without any complicated initial setup and allows remote control using your smartphone.  For any smartphone without NFC function, there is also an easy connection feature using a QR code.  You can also use Ustream to deliver live images of events to distant relatives and friends and easily share video and photos as they are recorded.


Panasonic HD camcorders


Panasonic W850 and V750 camcorders

The Panasonic W850 and V750 HD camcorders feature all-new lenses, sensors, and engines for significantly improving the image quality. The world's first 4-drive lens system uses a 4-group lens system controlled by individual motors for enabling high-resolution and high-magnification zoom operation within a compact body size. A BSI sensor with an effective pixel count of 6.03 megapixels is used to expand the sensor effective area for boosting the sensitivity by approximately 1.3 times. The new Crystal Engine Pro+ provides processing speeds that are about 1.5 times faster than the previous engine. New, enhanced noise reduction has been implemented for reducing by about 20% delivering sharp, crystal-clear video images.


Panasonic camcorders


Panasonic HD camcorder accessories

The Remote Pan Tilt Cradle accessory (sold separately) will also be launched with these Panasonic HD camcorders. When connected to a camcorder, it detects a moving subject and automatically tracks the subject within a horizontal movement range of 180° and vertical range of 15°. If installed at a party, you can connect it to the camera's motion sensor to automatically capture the festive atmosphere. Also, if used together with the WiFi Home Monitoring function, you can automatically track any pets that are home while you are away and monitor them from a remote location.  In addition to the basic functions of capturing, viewing, and sharing video, Panasonic provides a wide range of advanced features for adding greater enjoyment and fun to your family time. 


Full HD camcorders

Full HD camcorders

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