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Ralf Jurrien
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Secure mobile client for group chat

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Tuesday, February 27th 2007 - 23:31 CET - Comments: 0
M obile Enterprise 2.0 promises to become even more powerful now that persistent group chat is available for Research in Motion, Windows Mobile and Palm Treo devices. Parlano, a leading provider of persistent group chat solutions, provided the new capability by releasing MindAlign Mobile. The software enables cross-functional groups to conduct ongoing topic-based conversations with their MindAlign and MindAlign for Microsoft Live Communications Server environments while out of the office, on the road and in bustling workplaces.
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MindAlign persistent group chat

Unlike wireless email, MindAlign's persistent group chat allows users to focus in on the group conversations they need to participate in, without being inundated by SPAM or required to navigate endless email threads. "Group chat can be tremendously valuable for keeping sales, customer care, research, IT and other teams connected in real time," said Mark Levitt, VP for collaborative computing and the enterprise workplace at IDC. "MindAlign Mobile means that workers no longer have to cut the MindAlign cord when they leave the office."


Secure mobile client for persistent group chat

MindAlign Mobile users will be able to use their handheld devices to fully participate in ongoing group discussions while carefully tailoring their experience for their preferred mobile environment. For example, users can easily set different channel and notification preferences for their mobile and desktop modes. They can also receive notifications about important events that occur in channels they're not actively monitoring.


MindAlign Mobile

"Some estimates show mobile knowledge workers growing at a rate of more than 50 percent," said Parlano CTO Bob Serr. "We've liberated the mobile worker, further extending the enterprise and enabling MindAlign Mobile users to easily and efficiently participate in group dialogue, while maintaining MindAlign's full security, presence and persistence features."


MindAlain Mobile

Nokia Intellisync technology lays the foundation for Parlano's service, offering a proven framework for messaging between popular handheld and server operating systems. Key features of MindAlign Mobile include:

  • Wireless access and participation in MindAlign group and private (IM)channels from popular mobile devices, including BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Palm devices.
  • Customizable contact and channel lists
  • Users can decide which group and channels and individual contacts to monitor when on their mobile device.
  • Presence management
  • Users can be active in both MindAlign Mobile and desktop environments.
  • Familiar sights and sounds
  • MindAlign Mobile uses native mobile device approaches for message notifications and alerts.
  • Server-side filtering
  • MindAlign Mobile users can limit the number of channels displayed on their mobile device to improve usability while still being notified of important events and conversations in hidden channels.
  • Privacy and security
  • Locally stored encrypted credentials allow for auto-login. Data sent over the mobile network is completely encrypted.
  • Connectivity to the extended enterprise
  • Users can optionally conduct one-to-one chats with external contacts on AOL, Yahoo! and MSN networks from their MindAlign environments.
  • Automatic reconnect
  • MindAlign Mobile will reconnect to the server if a data signal is lost, allowing group dialogue to continue even if there are intermittent signal reception issues.
  • Bandwidth efficiency
  • Efficient message management and server-side filtering reduce network traffic and preserve device battery life.
  • No impact on existing mobile infrastructures
  • MindAlign Mobile utilizes existing enterprise infrastructures for BlackBerry, Palm and Windows devices to send data between an enterprise and mobile devices, so there is no impact on existing device security and administration approaches or additional server components that represent potential IT risks.

Secure mobile client for persistent chat

"Delivering MindAlign Mobile proves both the versatility of MindAlign and Nokia's unique ability to connect people on any device built on any platform over any network via any application or data source," said Tom Libretto, director, product marketing from Nokia. "This is another example of Nokia's commitment to the enterprise and to giving users the most dynamic mobility alternatives available."

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