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Ralf Jurrien
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Canon SD 750 Digital Elph

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Tuesday, May 15th 2007 - 21:06 CEST - Comments: 0
C anon updates its Digital IXUS range with the 7.1 Megapixel SD 750 Digital Elph (Digital IXUS 75). The ultra compact SD 750 Digital Elph sports a metallic finish with a massive 3.0” PureColor LCD, offset by a distinctive circular accent around the lens. A touch sensitive control dial provides easy access to key camera settings. The Canon SD 750 Elph camera also incorporates a clever Red-Eye Correction feature in Playback mode. The SD 750 Elph offers superb response times and high-quality image rendering through Canon’s DIGIC III image processor. DIGIC III also powers Face Detection and Noise Reduction Technology, making it easier for users to capture sharp, well-exposed images in clubs, restaurants and other situations.
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Canon SD 750 Elph - Advanced functionality

"With its advanced functionality and bold design concept, this new Digital IXUS model goes beyond the conventional," said Mogens Jensen, Head of Canon Consumer Imaging, Europe. "It's this unfaltering pursuit of new technologies and new aesthetics that set the Canon IXUS range apart from the competition."


Canon SD 750 Elph - Features

  • 7.1 Megapixels
  • 3x optical zoom 35-105mm (35mm equivalent) with UA lens
  • DIGIC III with Face Detection AF/AE/FE and Noise Reduction Technology
  • Red-Eye Correction in playback
  • 3.0" PureColor LCD
  • ISO 1600 and Auto ISO Shift
  • 17 Shooting modes plus My Colors photo effects
  • 30fps VGA Movies and Time Lapse Movie function

Canon SD 750 Digital Elph - Face Detection Technology

Canon's DIGIC III processor introduces several advancements that reduce the risk of blurred or poorly exposed photographs. Face Detection AF/AE/FE automatically detects up to nine faces within a scene and optimises focus and exposure accordingly. Fast and highly accurate, the system has been enhanced on the SD 750 Elph to control flash exposure (FE), and is now capable of detecting faces at greater distances. Face Detection Technology also enables Red-Eye Correction in playback. Users can quickly detect and remove red-eye in captured images directly in-camera, ensuring that people shots look natural and accurate. Noise Reduction Technology produces smooth images at up to ISO 1600, allowing for flash-free photography in dimly-lit areas such as parties and nightclubs. A new Auto ISO Shift function prevents blur by giving users the option to boost the ISO setting - and consequently shutter speed - with a single button press, whenever the camera predicts camera shake.


Canon Digital 75 - PureColor LCD screen

A range of enhancements has been made on the Canon SD 750 Digital Elph, based on feedback collected from users across the globe. The new Canon camera includes a new high resolution (230k pixels) PureColor LCD screen, which offers users a wide range of visual benefits. Colour tones have been enhanced by up to 30% for vibrant, true-to-life colour reproduction. The screen's wide viewing angle is complemented by an anti-reflective coating, which makes it easy to compose and review images even in brightly-lit conditions. A scratch-resistant layer provides extra protection against knocks and scrapes.


Canon SD 750 Digital Elph - Shutter speed & Aperture

Settings for shutter speed and aperture are now displayed on the LCD during shooting. When using Auto ISO and High ISO Auto, the LCD will also display the ISO speed. These camera settings are now recorded as EXIF data for review in playback. Users of the SD 750 Digital Elph can instantly review captured images using a dedicated Playback button, which acts as a toggle between shooting and playback modes. The Print/Share button doubles as a customisable Shortcut button, providing one-touch access to frequently used functions, such as movie recording or white balance settings.


Canon SD 750 Digital Elph camera - Shooting modes

A total of 17 shooting modes are provided, including a wide selection of Special Scene modes such as Portrait, Indoor and Night Snapshot. SD 750 Digital Elph users can access modes via the Touch Control Dial. The camera further includes My Colors photo effects for creative experimentation before and after shooting.

 Canon SD 750 Elph digital camera - Movie function

A new Time Lapse Movie function allows users to capture changing scenes - such as drifting clouds, a blooming flower or a bustling city street - for accelerated playback as smooth VGA-quality movie clips. Captured at one-second or two second intervals, a scene of two hours' duration can be condensed to a fluid eight minute or four minute movie file. Users can also record standard VGA movies with sound at 30fps and QVGA movies with sound at 60fps.

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