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Ralf Jurrien
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Cameraphone photo and video transfer

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Wednesday, February 21st 2007 - 02:50 CET - Comments: 0
A t 3GSM, PixSense announced that it is the first company enabling carriers to easily transfer high resolution media files from mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-web, with no perceptual loss in media quality. By transforming the file size of photos up to 85 percent and optimizing network transmission of images and videos, PixSense dramatically changes the economics of media management over today’s mobile wireless data networks.
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Cameraphone transfer - High resolution media files

New camera phones are offering 5 and even 6 mega pixel photo capabilities. However, current technologies deployed by most carriers limit the size of files that can be uploaded, which makes it unfeasible for users to send and share high resolution media files. Even if a carrier can allow the file to be shared in full quality, it is far too expensive to do so, unless the user has an unlimited data plan or images and video quality is reduced. PixSense removes these barriers to generate net-new revenue opportunities for mobile carriers addressing all existing data users including pre-pay users.


High resolution cameraphones

Mobile subscribers are using high resolution camera phones to take hundreds of billions of photographs and videos each year. However, subscribers do not yet have the ability to easily distribute their mobile media. Now users can easily and cost-effectively preserve, share, and publish the media they create right from their camera phones. PixSense makes it easy for carriers to host services for their subscribers while giving users complete control of their media files right from the handset, including posting media to social networks and sharing media mobile- to-mobile via the Internet.


PixSense photo & video transfer solution - Availability

"Our solution overcomes carrier limitations of transferring high resolution media files over the network," said Faraz Hoodbhoy, CEO of PixSense. "This generates new revenue opportunities for carriers, while facilitating the core user requirements of preserving, sharing, publishing, and managing high resolution for end users. For the first time, our solution truly creates a win-win scenario for all parties involved." PixSense's solution is currently available on over 200 handsets from all the major manufacturers including Samsung, Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Panasonic, Kyocera Wireless, and more. Each platform has various operating systems, screen size, language, API functionality, development tools, and format types that need to be supported in order for users to easily take advantage of their multimedia files.

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