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Ralf Jurrien
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Panthera mobile broadcast software

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Ralf Jurrien
Wednesday, February 21st 2007 - 02:45 CET - Comments: 0
P enthera Technologies Inc., a leading provider of mobile broadcast and multimedia software to operators worldwide, announced Penthera Mobile Broadcast Platform Version 2.0, which enables error-free broadcast delivery of any media file - MP3s, podcasts, video clips, full-length TV shows, movies, commercials, etc. - to broadcast-enabled mobile devices. Through its new Mediacast system, this latest release of a Penthera end-to-end broadcast software platform allows mobile operators to reliably tricklecast - or broadcast over time - files to their subscriber's mobile devices, for storage and later playout.
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Panthera 2.0 platform - Digital video recording

Receiver devices supported include mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), laptops, portable media players and in-car entertainment systems. With the Mediacast system enabled on their portable devices, consumers can access and play back virtually any type of media content whenever and wherever they want to. Another new feature included in the Penthera 2.0 platform is digital video recording (DVR) capabilities that allow users to record and save their favorite programming to their mobile device - even while watching another program - for viewing at a later time. "With the explosion of services like TiVo, and "on demand" TV services, we've all become accustomed to watching programming on our schedule," said Penthera CTO Adam Berger. "Penthera has developed a robust and feature-rich technology solution that allows a broadcaster to deliver 1000 channels where once only 10 could fit. This is where mobile TV needs to be to reach mass adoption."

Panthera Broadcast Center Version 2.0 software

The end-to-end product suite from Penthera is designed for use over any digital broadcast bearer network including DVB-H, T-DMB, DAB-IP, ISDB-T, DVB-T, S-DAB, and 802.16e (mobile WiMax). The Mediacast system is designed to guarantee delivery of broadcasted files, even to receiving devices hampered by weak or intermittent broadcast signals. This is achieved through the unique implementation by Penthera of the patented Digital Fountain DF Raptor algorithms, which intelligently fills in any lost data packets, or "holes", inadvertently introduced into media during content  roadcasting. Receiver devices can lose several minutes of file transmission in the interruption-prone mobile broadcast environment and yet still receive the file in a shortened time period and with no errors. Penthera's Mediacast also reduces broadcaster costs while optimizing the use of network bandwidth by alleviating the need to continually resend entire files until received without interruption, a challenge in the interruption-prone mobile broadcast environment.


Mediacast - Electronic programming guide

For broadcasters, the Mediacast solution includes an administrator's console for managing content delivery schedules and transmission parameters. Within the handset software, Mediacast includes an intuitive electronic programming guide (EPG), allowing users to view programming schedules, select and/or subscribe to desired content, and browse through content already saved on their device. Once the content has been saved, users can play, pause and scan throughout the content at their leisure. The Mediacast system supports both the proprietary media content supplied by an operator as well as podcasts, user-generated content, and other Media/RSS content available on the web.


Panthera Mediacast software - Availability

Penthera Mediacast software also enables a more interactive mobile content experience including features such as 1-button tele-voting, contextual ad-insertion and mobile-commerce, opening up a whole host of new revenue opportunities for carriers. Penthera will be unveiling their new Penthera Broadcast Center Version 2.0 software with Mediacast at the world's leading mobile communications conference and exhibition, 3GSM World Congress 2007, in Barcelona, Spain, from February 12-15, 2007.

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