EDGE transmit module

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Ralf Jurrien
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EDGE Quad-band transmit module

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Wednesday, February 21st 2007 - 02:30 CET - Comments: 1
T riQuint Semiconductor, a leading manufacturer of RF front-end modules for wireless handsets, announced it is shipping production volumes of its EDGE quad-band transmit module, the TQM6M5001, to Samsung - a leading global manufacturer of wireless devices. The TQM6M5001, a member of TriQuint’s QUANTUM Tx ModuleTM family, provides full GSM / EDGE capability and shares the same footprint of its groundbreaking 6x6mm predecessor. TriQuint’s module will appear first in Samsung’s new SGH-E490 this quarter and in subsequent Samsung EDGE handsets throughout the first half of 2007.
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TriQuint EDGE Quad-band transmit module

TriQuint's TQM6M5001 offers an unprecedented level of integration including quad-band signal amplification and switching, plus power / switch control and ESD protection, all in the smallest form factor available today. The module's power added efficiency (PAE) also extends battery life while its small size frees-up PC board space for added features that appeal to handset consumers.


TriQuint EDGE transmit system

"We're pleased that Samsung is among the first to take advantage of this module's capabilities," said Tim Dunn, TriQuint's Vice President for Handsets. "Since this product is the same size and is pin-compatible with earlier designs, our customers can move almost seamlessly to the higher data rate possible in EDGE systems with minimal changes to their phone board layouts. The TQM6M5001 is another example of ways in which TriQuint enables our customers to produce wireless phones with increased functionality, longer battery life and quicker design turns."


TriQuint TQM6M5001 - Quad-band EDGE power amplifier

The TriQuint TQM6M5001 is a breakthrough product offering all-in-one RF transmit functions with full GMSK (Gaussian minimum shift keying) and EDGE linear capabilities, combining a quad-band EDGE power amplifier (PA), a transmit (Tx) / receive (Rx) switch, plus PA and switch control along with ESD (electro static discharge) protection - all in a form factor no larger than TriQuint's present GSM / GPRS transmit module family. The module's size and integration make it ideal for the latest generation of slim-line and compact GSM / EDGE handsets or wireless data cards.


TriQuint EDGE transmit module - Samsung mobile phones

Dunn said, "This is the first in a series of Samsung phones utilizing TriQuint's EDGE transmit module. Subsequent roll-outs in different phone models are planned through the first half of 2007. These new phones will be sold wherever EDGE systems are deployed including Europe, the United States and across Asia."  "TriQuint is pleased to offer our customers a choice for EDGE-Linear systems between our TQM6M5001 QUANTUM Tx Module for size-critical applications and our HADRON PA Module family for discrete applications," said Paul Cooper, TriQuint's Strategic Marketing Manager for Handsets. "Both solutions offer customers high performance under extreme conditions using TriQuint's in-house GaAs HBT and pHEMT technologies."


TriQuint EDGE Quad-band transmit module - Availability

Samples of the TQM6M5001 GSM/EDGE quad-band transmit module are available now. For pricing information, demonstration boards, samples and technical information, plus the direct assistance of TriQuint's worldwide application support team, please contact your local sales representative or visit the TriQuint web site.

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