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Ralf Jurrien
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SKY-MAP Mobile Application Software

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Ralf Jurrien
Wednesday, February 21st 2007 - 02:05 CET - Comments: 0
S KY MobileMedia, Inc., a leading provider of application software solutions for the wireless industry and part of Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) Application Suite Ecosystem, announced pre-integration of the SKY-MAP Mobile Applications Software Platform with TI’s “LoCosto” TCS2300 GSM single chip for ultra low-cost (ULC) handsets. Building upon the success of SKY-MAP solutions for TI’s “LoCosto” TCS2310 GPRS solution and OMAPV1030 OMAP-Vox EDGE processor, this pre-integrated hardware and software solution allows manufacturers to rapidly develop low-cost handsets with a full-featured man-machine-interface (MMI), while remaining within the reduced memory footprint required for meeting ULC price points.
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SKY-MMI solution for ULC handsets

SKY-MAP's market tested SKY-MMI user interface technology along with SKY's powerful RapidPLUS development tools enable customers developing "LoCosto" TCS2300 solution-based handsets to differentiate their products through customization of the "look and feel" of their devices, as well as provide support for multiple languages and local requirements. The SKY-MMI solution for ULC handsets supports color LCD and enables GSM voice, text-messaging, and more. The highly optimized software configuration fits entirely within the onboard RAM of the "LoCosto" TCS2300 solution removing the need for any external RAM which reduces the overall handset bill of materials (BOM). Additionally, SKY-MMI has been pre-integrated on TI's "LoCosto" GSM four-layer form-factor PCB, thereby helping to dramatically reduce time-to-market for new ultra low-cost mobile phones.


SKY-MAP Mobile Application Software - Texas Instruments

"SKY-MAP solutions offer scalability and flexibility that enable TI customers to go to market with a variety of new compelling handsets across all mass-market product segments," stated Remi El-Ouazzane, general manager of Texas Instruments 2.5G Business. "TI is pleased that SKY is offering complete software solutions on TI's "LoCosto" and OMAP-Vox platforms that allow our mutual customers to better compete in the wireless market."


SKY-MAP software solution for multimedia phones

As evidence of the scalability of the SKY-MAP platform, SKY also offers complete and pre-integrated application software solutions for TI's mid-tier "LoCosto" TCS2310 GPRS solution and OMAPV1030 EDGE processor. The SKY-MAP solution for feature phones includes the market tested SKY-MMI providing call management and PIM functions, SMS, support for multiple Asian and European languages, as well as market-proven SKY-MAP applications and middleware engines for WAP2.0 browser and MMS. The SKY-MAP feature phone solution also includes music, camera, and video support, as well as integrated 2D graphics engines enabling advanced animation capabilities such as Flash-lite and SVG. The SKY-MAP software solution for multimedia phones includes all of the functionality for feature phones, while adding additional applications such as multimedia streaming, DRM, and push-to-talk. Additional modular SKY-MAP applications and engines for EMAIL, IM and more are also available.


SKY-MAP software - LoCosto GPRS solutions

 "Flextronics is pleased to see SKY-MAP ported to a range of TI platforms from "LoCosto" GSM to "LoCosto" GPRS and OMAPV1030 EDGE solutions, allowing for a common application software platform and MMI across market segments," stated Martin Fichter, Vice President Mobile Design and Technology at Flextronics. "SKY-MAP has proven itself a superior and robust application software solution on "LoCosto"-based phones that can easily be integrated into new handsets. This will speed time-to-market and enhance handset reliability and performance for our OEM customers."


SKY-MAP software solutions - Availability

SKY's complete software packages and tools, when pre-integrated on leading hardware platforms from TI, enable the fastest time-to-market for new handset designs, while ensuring scalability and software re-use across all high volume handset segments, including ultra low-cost, multimedia-capable entry phones, data-enabled feature phones, and streaming multimedia handsets. The SKY-MAP software solutions for "LoCosto" TCS2300 GSM solution, "LoCosto" TCS2310 GPRS solution and OMAPV1030 EDGE processor are available for integration into production handsets today. These solutions will be featured in TI's booth at 3GSM in Barcelona, Spain February 12-15.

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