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Ralf Jurrien
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GloNav high-performance single chip GPS

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Wednesday, February 21st 2007 - 01:40 CET - Comments: 0
G loNav, a fabless semiconductor company developing global positioning system products for the cellular handset and mobile consumer electronics device markets, announced the GNS4540 high-performance single chip L1 A-GPS solution targeted for the cellular handset and mobile consumer electronics markets. Offering best-in-class acquisition and tracking sensitivity, time-to-first-fix (TTFF), accuracy and power consumption, the GNS4540 supports both Assisted-GPS operation on GSM, WCDMA and CDMA networks and fully autonomous operation for use in handheld consumer navigation devices and other standalone navigation systems.
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GloNav GNS4540 - DynaTrak technology

Featuring its proprietary DynaTrak technology that automatically adapts to the user's environments, the GNS4540 enables a seamless consumer experience that continues to work wherever they are. When other solutions dropout - deep indoors, in urban canyons, transitioning from strong to weak signals, or from in-vehicle to pedestrian operation - DynaTrak rapidly adjusts to the dynamic signal environment, allowing the receiver to track continuously and accurately.


GloNav high-performance single chip GPS

"As location-based services continues to grow in demand and find its way into devices, manufacturers will look to quickly bring reliable and accurate products to market while maintaining form factor and low power consumption," said Bill McLean, chief executive officer, GloNav. "Our highly integrated GNS4540 provides a turnkey GPS solution, enabling manufacturers to embed best-in-class GPS functionality into their devices.


GloNav GNS4540 - Ultra low energy

The GNS4540 is built upon more than 20 years of investment in 10 generations of products, the longest heritage of GPS technology investment in the semiconductor industry today, assuring customers of a reliable technology foundation that has stood the test of time. With both the GPS RF and baseband architected for ultra low-power consumption, and a complete set of power management modes, the device minimizes system power consumption and offers ultra low energy-per-fix.


GloNav GNS4540 navigation

The GNS4540's hosted architecture shifts the non real-time critical navigation software to the host system's processor, minimizing system cost and printed circuit board size. GloNav offers software drivers for the most popular operating systems for handsets and other portable devices, including Microsoft Windows CE, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Linux and a variety of real-time kernels.


GloNav GNS4540 navigation - Applications

The GNS4540 solution eases integration, with connections required for just RF and clock inputs, power and serial interface to the host. To further speed time to market, GloNav supports the GNS4540 with full reference designs, demonstration systems, software development kits and other supporting documentation. GNS4540 samples and demonstration systems are available immediately and GloNav is accepting orders for volume production shipments commencing in the second quarter of 2007.

  • Cellular handsets integration for navigation and LBS
  • Handheld consumer navigation and multifunction devices
  • Digital cameras
  • Battery-operated GPS devices

High-performance single chip L1 A-GPS solution - Features

  • Best-in-class acquisition and tracking sensitivity
  • TTFF and accuracy 157 dBm acquisition / - 159 dBm tracking sensitivity in A-GPS and autonomous hot start modes
  • Optimized for both cellular handset and portable consumer device integration
  • DynaTrak advanced proprietary multipath algorithms for robust low dropout tracking in indoor, very low signal and rapid signal transition environments
  • Hosted architecture optimized for cost and performance
  • Supports GSM, WCDMA and CDMA control plane A-GPS assistance data standards
  • Supports SUPL user plane A-GPS assistance data
  • Exceeds 3GPP and TIA performance requirements
  • Ultra low power consumption: 30mW in tracking mode
  • Supports all common GPS and cellular handset reference frequencies (10 - 50 MHz)
  • Two RoHS-compliant packaging options:
  • 9 x 6 x 1.5mm 84-ball CABGA package, 0.65mm pitch
  • 6 x 4 x 1.0mm 77-ball VFBGA package, 0.5mm pitch
  • Very low external component count and PCB size
  • Supports ultra-low cost PCB dipole antennas
  • UART and SPI host interfaces
  • Operating temperature range -40° C/+85° C
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