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Ralf Jurrien
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SeaMobile wireless technology

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Ralf Jurrien
Saturday, February 17th 2007 - 04:32 CET - Comments: 0
S eaMobile, Inc., the dominant provider of at-sea communications, connectivity and content services, announced that it has successfully launched its proprietary wireless technology for customers of Geolink's OceanCell service. Geolink is a pioneer and leading provider of satellite-based broadband communications and networking services with extensive experience serving the European market. In addition, the company formally announced its multi-year contract with Wireless Solutions International, Inc. (WSI) to provide roaming services to Geolink customers in Europe using the WSI OmniRoamer Sponsored Roaming Service.
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SeaMobile technology platform

In 2006, SeaMobile announced that it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire Geolink. In less than one month, the transition to the SeaMobile technology platform has been nearly completed. The SeaMobile technology is a sophisticated IP/software based solution that allows any type of phone used by the wireless customer to access the SeaMobile network at sea. "By using the SeaMobile technology platform, Geolink OceanCell customers are accessing a state-of-the-art GSM cellular switch located at SeaMobile's teleport," said Jim Ellis, SeaMobile chief technology officer. "SeaMobile owns the switch, enabling us to better control the quality of service and enhance wireless voice and data service features for Geolink's more than 50 cruise and ferry vessels."


Telefonica 02 Europe company

WSI's OmniRoamer provides extensions to a terrestrial wireless network, in this case European operator Manx Telecom, a Telefonica O2 Europe company. OmniRoamer enables subscribers of Manx Telecom's partners to utilize services provided aboard an increasing number of cruise ships, ferries and yachts, including those served by Geolink OceanCell. The combination of Geolink's satellite services, SeaMobile-equipped vessels, WSI OmniRoamer maritime roaming service allows virtually anyone aboard a vessel at sea to use voice and data services available through their wireless home carrier, just as they would on land. Charges for calls and data services while at sea simply appear on the wireless customer's bill from their home carrier.


Geolink OceanCell - SeaMobile

"There has been significant growth in at-sea communications services recently and this has created an increased focus on maritime roaming by industry bodies such as the GSM Association," said Pierre Macquet, chief executive officer of Geolink. "It was imperative that we develop our service to be fully compliant with industry guidelines. SeaMobile, WSI and Manx Telecom have worked together to ensure that this was the case to satisfy the requirements of Geolink's OceanCell customers." Trials on board a number of ships were held in order to prove that the maritime coverage followed the binding requirements laid down by the GSM Association. For example, the service must turn off when the vessel reaches coastal waters so as not to interfere with terrestrial networks. Similarly, operators who wish to allow their subscribers to roam on board suitably equipped vessels must actively sign up for the service and receive separate billing notifications.


SeaMobile wireless technology

"We have worked hard with WSI over the last twelve months to bring on board a very large number of worldwide roaming agreements, and are continuing to increase our coverage," added Ellis. "It is important that as the dominant player in maritime communication services, we offer as many guests as possible the opportunity to benefit from these services." "SeaMobile is a very prestigious client for WSI and is rapidly expanding the number of ships on which it offers maritime roaming," said Martin Guilfoyle, WSI chief technology officer and founder. "SeaMobile's relationship with Geolink dramatically increases the roaming coverage for international passengers and crew on board numerous vessels, and we have been pleased to continue to work with SeaMobile on this phase of its growth. For WSI, these are the first steps on the path towards a true, maritime roaming hub."


WSI - GSM Association

Guilfoyle continued, "We are seeing a large demand for solutions such as OmniRoamer, designed to meet the requirements of the GSM Association's initiatives, which provide enhanced coverage and increased roaming revenues, yet are easy to implement. OmniRoamer is just one of the many ways that WSI is contributing to the work of the various roaming programs currently underway within the GSM Association. WSI is proud to be part of the Association, supporting industry initiatives by delivering solutions in these key areas."

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