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Ralf Jurrien
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SNAPin SelfService configure software

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Ralf Jurrien
Saturday, February 17th 2007 - 03:41 CET - Comments: 0
S NAPin Software, the leader in mobile interaction management, announced the availability of SelfService Configure software that turns unbranded mobile phones into operator-specific handsets right at the point of sale. Orange UK is the first mobile operator to use SelfService Configure-enabled SIM cards with live subscribers. Orange is testing SelfService Configure's ability to install and manage a customised brand experience, including operator-specific settings and applications, on an otherwise unbranded mobile phone at point of sale.
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SelfService configure software

The selected mobile phones will deliver the consumer benefits of a branded experience comparable to what has been delivered on Orange's Signature Series devices, but without the additional time and expense associated with custom installing Orange's applications and branding elements as part of the manufacturing process. A new product in SNAPin's award-winning SelfService suite, SelfService Configure lets operators deliver their brand experience on mobile phones by installing and managing a custom set of applications and media elements, leveraging the storage on large memory SIM cards. After inserting a SelfService Configure-enabled SIM card, the software automatically initiates the configuration process on the mobile device, resulting in a fully operational operator branded and customised phone in just a few moments. After the initial installation process has been completed, SelfService Configure manages any necessary updates over time via its embedded over-the-air (OTA) update capabilities.


Orange - SNAPin SelfService Campaign

Orange UK has also been testing the effectiveness of SNAPin's SelfService Campaign product with thousands of subscribers in the UK. While the large-scale pilot continues, early results have already proven SelfService Campaign's ability to present subscribers with targeted promotions that are relevant to their current behaviour, including a mobile promotion conversion rate that far exceeded the targets established for the pilot. "At Orange, we are looking to remain on the leading edge of innovation whilst providing the very best experience for our customers," said Matthew Kirk, Director of Devices, Orange.


SNAPin SelfService configure software

"Orange's commitment to its customers is what has made them a leader in the UK market," said Robert Lewis, president & CEO, SNAPin Software. "We are proud that our SelfService software has been performing so well for Orange, and we are pleased that they are the first mobile operator to test our new SelfService Configure product."


SNAPin award winning SelfService products

  • SelfService Campaign helps drive new service discovery and adoption by providing operators with a platform to interact with their subscribers by presenting targeted offers that are highly relevant and tied to the context of the user's behaviour.
  • SelfService Care intercepts calls to customer support organizations and presents each user with personalised tools to quickly and easily resolve as many as three out of four customer issues right on the mobile device.
  • SelfService Configure lets operators deliver their brand experience on mobile phones by installing and managing a custom set of applications and media elements leveraging the storage on large memory SIM cards.
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