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Ralf Jurrien
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Motorola Centellis 3000 server

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Friday, February 16th 2007 - 23:22 CET - Comments: 0
A dvancedTCA communications servers. Release 3.1 of the Centellis 3000 series offers enhanced performance, flexibility and scalability over previous generation communications servers. These enhancements will help improve network equipment providers’ ability to deploy network infrastructure for applications such as IMS, IPTV and wireless broadband on a standards-based common platform. Motorola, Inc. announced the latest release of its pre-integrated and validated
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Motorola Centellis 3000 communications server
The heart of the Centellis 3000 series AdvancedTCA communications servers are the Centellis 3406 and Centellis 3600 platform cores. These comprise the AXP1406 (14 slot) or the AXP1600 (16 slot) ATCA shelf, plus a combined system controller and switching blade and Motorola's Basic Blade Services (BBS) software. The 3.1 release features an enhanced system controller and switching blade, the ATCA-F102. This combines PICMG compliant base and fabric interface switching functionality with a full processor complex with increase memory support for a wide variety of applications, including shelf-wide and/or frame-wide management, high availability (HA) middleware or user applications.


Motorola ATCA-F102 AdvancedTCA communications server
By combining these essential functions on a single blade, Motorola can provide a completely redundant switching and system management environment while consuming only two slots in the shelf, maximizing the number of slots available for billable applications. The ATCA-F102 also supports an optional optical rear transition module as well as solid state storage for increased reliability. Release 3.1 of the Centellis 3000 series also adds new payload blades including an AdvancedMC TM (AMC) carrier blade (ATCA-C110) and an AdvancedMC processor module (PrAMC-7201), to Motorola's proven communications server portfolio.


Motorola ATCA-C110 AdvancedMC
The ATCA-C110 AdvancedMC carrier blade offers four AdvancedMC sites, each with hot swappable and scalable field replaceable units. This carrier blade complies with the PICMG 3.0 base interface and PICMG AMC specifications (0-4) and supports an unlimited combination of processor and I/O AMCs, offering the user on-demand provisioning of resources. The PRAMC-7201 Processor AdvancedMC offers a choice of two processor speeds, 1.4 GHz and 1.8 GHz, 2GB memory and Gigabit Ethernet and PCI Express connectivity.

Centellis 3000 Series Communications Server
The Centellis 3000 series of communications servers is optimized for applications based on proprietary high-availability software. This product series integrates AdvancedTCA hardware with Motorola's Basic Blade Services software, an operating environment that includes a standard Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) distribution and Service AvailabilityTM Forum (SA Forum) compliant Hardware Platform Interface (HPI) to user applications, comprehensive centralized platform hardware management, and high-availability fabric management. Motorola also verifies thermal, power and mechanical operation to provide a proven platform, on which network equipment providers can rapidly deploy their software environments and applications with confidence.
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