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Ilse Jurrien
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Sagem myMobileTV features DVB-H chip

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Ilse Jurrien
Tuesday, February 20th 2007 - 00:10 CET - Comments: 0
D iBcom is pleased to announce that its DVB-H demodulator chip (DIB70xx-H series) has been selected by Sagem Communication for integration in its new mobile phone myMobileTV offering users the possibility of viewing television on this newly designed, elegant and ergonomic handset. “The proven performance of DiBcom’s DVB-H receiver both in terms of reception and sensitivity, even at very high speeds, guarantees a high quality of service for both mobile operators and users alike”, said Thierry Buffenoir, Managing Director of Sagem Communication.
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DiBcom DVB-H demodulator chip - Trial in Paris

The successful DVB-H trial in Paris (at street level and in the metro) used Sagem's myMobileTV equipped with DiBcom components. The trial represents a significant turning point for the roll-out of Mobile TV and its eventual commercial applications in Europe, Asia and South Africa.


Sagem myMobileTV on your mobile phone

This technical endorsement also coincides with the objectives of France's Mobile TV Forum, which aims to launch the first DVB-H commercial network in France in time for the Rugby World Cup in September 2007. Moreover, the decision reflects new legislation relating to the modernisation of audio-visual communication and the future of television, which was recently adopted by the French National Assembly.


DiBcom - Integration in mobile phone myMobileTV

"We were greatly impressed by the technical expertise and prowess of Sagem Communication in integrating all the components necessary to TV reception, such as antennas, receivers, DVB-H demodulators and audio/video decoders, in record time and in a telephone equipped with a high quality screen resolution", explained Khaled Maalej, Chief Technical Officer at DiBcom. "In addition, using DiBcom's technology guarantees a mobile TV performance widely proven in other commercial deployments", he added.


Alcatel-Lucent's Unlimited Mobile TV project

Building on the success of this trial, the Sagem Communication / DiBcom collaboration continues with DVB-SH as part of Alcatel-Lucent's Unlimited Mobile TV project, which aims to make Mobile TV available throughout rural areas using satellite transmission. For this project, DiBcom will provide receivers operating in the S-Band (2,17 GHz to 2,20 GHz) that enable outstanding performance in terms of both sensitivity and mobility. DiBcom's solutions for Mobile TV will be presented at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona 12-15 February, 2007

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