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Ralf Jurrien
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Motorola Centellis 4000 10Gbps server

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Friday, February 16th 2007 - 22:07 CET - Comments: 0
M otorola, Inc. announced the Centellis 4000 series, a new generation of AdvancedTCA-based communications servers. With a 10Gbps internal Ethernet switching fabric and high performance payload blades, the Centellis 4000 series is designed to address the high bandwidth and packet processing requirements of data plane elements in applications such as 4G wireless, WiMAX and IPTV networks. First products of the Centellis 4000 series of communications servers will be available by mid 2007.
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Motorola Centellis 4000 series
By extending the range of applications that communications servers can address, Motorola's Centellis 4000 series helps enable network equipment providers (NEPs) to accelerate service providers' migration to a standards-based carrier-grade common platform for their product portfolio. Motorola now offers one of the broadest embedded communications computing product ranges in the industry, extending from individual blades and modules through fully integrated and validated MicroTCA and ATCA communications servers.


Motorola Centellis 4000 ATCA communications servers
This first release of Motorola's Centellis 4000 Series of ATCA communications servers features a combined system controller and switching blade providing 1Gbps and 10Gbps Ethernet links to each payload slot, and both optical and copper fabric extension ports. The system will support existing Centellis 3000 payload blades to ease migration, and also will introduce a new 1Gbps and 10Gbps AdvancedMC carrier blade and a high performance 10Gbps packet processing blade. Motorola is planning to extend its 10Gbps family to broaden the price/performance coverage and types of applications it supports. Future releases of the Centellis 4000 will also feature 10Gbps payload options focused on key applications. Centellis 4000 will include support for Wind River Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition and MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition, offering customers choice as well as demonstrating the flexibility of its open systems. The Centellis 4000 platform and associated 10G Blades are designed for Communications Platforms Trade Alliance (CP-TA) compliance.


Motorola Centellis 4000 10Gbps server
Simon Stanley, analyst at large at Heavy Reading and principal consultant for Earlswood Marketing, said "2007 will see strong revenue growth for ATCA-based systems and there is some consensus for a forecast for ATCA of around $6 to $8 billion by 2009. As communications servers supporting 10GigE fabric interfaces become available in volume, the development focus for ATCA-based systems will move away from IMS to higher-bandwidth applications and across most product families in leading NEPs. Application-ready platforms are a key part of the ATCA ecosystem and NEPs are working closely with leading systems integrators such as Motorola to develop customized ATCA platforms."


Centellis 4000 Series Communications Servers
"The Centellis 4000 series opens up new opportunities for NEPs, who will be able to run applications that require high bandwidth and packet processing requirements," said Jorge Magalhaes, director of marketing, Embedded Communications Computing, Motorola. "As a result, service providers will be able to offer even more applications to their own customers. So it's a win-win for everyone." "Motorola is a clear leader in the communications server market, and we are excited to be part of the Centellis 4000 release," said Vincent Rerolle, vice president of corporate development and strategy at Wind River. "This effort is a great example of how two industry leaders can work together to offer world class products and support to our joint customers."


Motorola ATCA-F120 system controller
At the heart of the Centellis 4000 series communications servers are a carrier-grade ATCA shelf and Motorola's ATCA-F120 system controller and switching blade. The shelf includes a shelf-manager and alarm modules, power-entry modules and fan tray modules, all of which are fully redundant. The ATCA-F120 delivers full 10Gbps bandwidth to all payload blades while preserving NEPs' investment in current payload blades through backwards compatibility with existing components. The ATCA-F120 increases platform density via two advanced mezzanine card (AMC) slots. These can be configured with a processor and storage module combination to implement a shelf controller function, thus saving two valuable payload slots. The F120 can alternatively be equipped with a clock generation and synchronization module, again potentially saving payload slots.

Motorola Communications Server
Motorola's communications servers are open, fully integrated systems that act as a common, carrier-grade platform for a wide range of applications. This common platform concept integrates hardware and software elements to enable equipment manufacturers to focus on adding their application-specific value, thereby reducing the time, cost and risk involved in deploying new revenue-generating applications or migrating existing applications to standards-based technology. The communications server has a unique combination of communications-centric attributes, including:

  • Open standards-based common platform
  • Reliability and high availability (>5NINES)
  • Support for value-add communications applications
  • Multi-media and network processing capabilities
  • Extended life cycle
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