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Ralf Jurrien
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PositivePRO secure remote access service

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Tuesday, May 15th 2007 - 21:24 CEST - Comments: 0
S ometimes, mobile professionals need to access a critical file from their corporate network and there is no laptop or easy access to the Internet available. Using any browser-enabled mobile device, like a cell phone, smart phone, or PDA (such as a Palm Treo or Blackberry), mobile workers can get the files they need using the new PositivePRO 3.5 hosted/managed secure remote access service. PositivePRO 3.5 also plans to be compatible with the new Apple iPhone.
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PositivePRO 3.5 - Wireless service

PositivePRO 3.5's handheld access provides true Web-based VPN service anywhere wireless service is offered and is now able to work on handheld devices such as a Sprint 3G device, a Windows Mobile 5 device, Treo 750w, Blackberry, and any cell phone from T-Mobile, Cingular, Motorola Razr, or any phone with a web browser for greater access options. The Web-based VPN service, WebTopTM, automatically adapts to handheld device browsers to deliver secure access to email, file shares, and intranet sites for mobile workers.


PositivePRO 3.5 for handhelds - Availability

"We engineered handheld device access into PositivePRO 3.5 to solve a very simple business problem," said Steve Dispensa, CTO, Positive Networks. "There are times you're away from your computer and need access to critical information quickly. Now, using PositivePRO 3.5 and your web-enabled handheld, you can access the corporate network in an instant to get the information you need in a safe and secure way." PositivePRO 3.5 for handhelds provides users a number of features and benefits also available with the regular laptop version of the client, including antivirus integration and help desk support.

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