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Ralf Jurrien
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TeleFlip at DEMO 2007

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Saturday, February 3rd 2007 - 02:10 CET - Comments: 0
A t the DEMO 07 conference, TeleFlip, Inc., an emerging leader in the delivery of innovative consumer communications solutions, unveiled its premier product offering, TeleFlip, a unique, patent-pending technology that allows all mobile phones to now receive, without any new software or application downloads, e-mails, calendar alerts and online content feeds such as news, weather, sports and more. By visiting TeleFlip's Web site and inputting their mobile phone number and e-mail address, consumers will be able to use this free service to receive their e-mails from any e-mail account or service, personal or business, regardless of their wireless carrier or mobile handset.
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TeleFlip email technology

"TeleFlip is revolutionizing mobile communications by bridging the Internet and mobile messaging networks," said Tony Davis, Chief Executive Officer, TeleFlip. "Now anyone, from soccer moms to CEOs, can stay connected to friends, family and colleagues regardless of their mobile handset or level of technical ability." Recent estimates from CTIA show there are more than 230 million mobile phones in the U.S. compared to less than ten million BlackBerry and Treo-type devices in the U.S. On a worldwide basis, the disparity between ordinary cell phones to email-enabled "smart phones" is even more dramatic. There are more than 2.3 billion mobile phones, and the vast majority are not capable of easily receiving e-mails, message alerts or other data.


DEMO 2007 - TeleFlip

"TeleFlip will change the way consumers communicate," said Chris Shipley, executive producer, DEMO. "Consumers will now gain control over their communications without using any special or expensive hardware to stay connected, because they will have the power of the Internet - on any mobile device, for free. Because of this, I expect TeleFlip will soon be an everyday communications tool, with billions of e-mails and Internet content 'flipped' to mobile handsets annually." TeleFlip will launch throughout the US, Canada and Western Europe in March 2007. Rollout plans for TeleFlip throughout the rest of the world will be announced later this year.


TeleFlip email technology - Mobile phones

TeleFlip is easy to use. Consumers enter their mobile phone number, e-mail address and e-mail password on the TeleFlip Web site - just once - at, and then their e-mail messages will immediately flow from their e-mail box to their mobile device. No Internet connection is needed. TeleFlip users can even "reply" to e-mail messages directly from their mobile phones. The unique, user-friendly TeleFlip technology eliminates the complexities associated with receiving e-mails through a carrier's network.


TeleFlip for mobile phones - Features

  • Free Users can "TeleFlip" up to 5,000 messages monthly
  • No new or expensive hardware or specialized service needed TeleFlip is compatible with all existing mobile handsets and every wireless provider
  • Compatible with every e-mail program or service - E-mail messages from any e-mail program (Microsoft Outlook, AOL, AppleMail, Microsof Exchange, etc.) and any Web-based e-mail service (Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, MSN, Gmail, etc.) can be "flipped" to a user's existing mobile device
  • No software download required - "Flipping" is easy and requires no special software or application downloads installed on users' PCs or mobile devices
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