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Ralf Jurrien
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Send online images to your mobile phone

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Saturday, February 3rd 2007 - 02:09 CET - Comments: 0
M yxer, the best place to make and share mobile content, announced the launch of MyxerMagic - a free download that lets users send any online image to their mobile phone right from their existing web browser. MyxerMagic eliminates the need for file downloads, format conversions, serial or Bluetooth connections, and other tedious operations that have previously been required to get content to mobile phones.
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Lightweight browser extension - Download

MyxerMagic is a lightweight browser extension that is available for free at the Myxer web site. It extends the functionality of Internet Explorer or Firefox to add a "Myxer - Send image to phone!" command into the right mouse-click menu. Users also have the ability to send images to friends' and family members' mobile phones. To allow for the ultimate in personalization, MyxerMagic has a powerful web-based image editor to re-size, re-shape, or otherwise manipulate images to best fit a phone's display. Like all of Myxer's functionality, MyxerMagic works with any mobile device and is carrier-independent, meaning it doesn't matter which provider the user's phone is with or what plan they are on.


MyxerMagic - Customize your mobile phone

"Myxer is about more than just customizing your mobile phone with ringtones and wallpapers - it's really about leveraging the respective strengths of the internet and the mobile phone to make digital content easily discoverable and accessible anywhere you are," said Myk Willis, founder and chief technology officer of mVisible Technologies, Inc., the company behind Myxer. "MyxerMagic completely rewrites the rules of how user-generated content is consumed, because for the first time ever, all digital content is one click away from being mobile content." Features coming soon to MyxerMagic will include the ability to send audio clips, video, simple text and RSS feeds directly to mobile phones as well.


About Myxer

Myxer closes the gap between the internet and the mobile phone by making it incredibly quick and easy to bring content to the mobile marketplace. Located at the Myxer web site, its revolutionary Myxer platform simplifies the delivery of any user-generated content (such as music, pictures, etc.) to mobile devices, no matter which carrier or network the phone is on. Other Myxer offerings include: MyxerTones, a community-based website that allows independent artists and their fans to easily communicate and deliver ringtones and wallpapers; MyxerTags, which allow musicians, brands and other rights holders to quickly and easily sell their unique content as ringtones or wallpaper images directly from their own websites or MySpace pages; MyxerCodes for promoting ringtones using text messages that are shared from the stage or in promotional materials; and more. mVisible Technologies is the company behind the Myxer brand and is based in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

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