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Ralf Jurrien
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v4 Software for Nokia S60

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Thursday, January 25th 2007 - 23:59 CET - Comments: 0
Q uickoffice, the world leader in providing office document software for mobile devices, launched Quickoffice v4 for S60, a major upgrade to its award-winning solution. This latest version delivers many features that redefine the standard in mobile office software, and is available immediately at the Quickoffice web site. Named Best Enterprise Application in the Forum Nokia S60 3rd Edition Challenge, Quickoffice v4 builds on highly successful previous releases and was chosen by Nokia as the exclusive mobile office suite deployed on S60 3rd Edition smartphones.
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Quickoffice v4 software for Nokia smartphone

Quickoffice software provides smartphone users with mobile access to Microsoft Office documents, allowing them to open, edit and save files in their native format. This latest release offers new, unique and powerful features for mobile phones, greatly enhancing both user-experience and productivity. The software provides comprehensive editing capabilities in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel with complete integrity of a document's original formatting.


Quickoffice v4 software - Features

  • Quickword v4 - enables table and image viewing, insertion, and editing, along with the ability to view page-layouts that include headers, footers and details on page size, orientation and margins in Word documents
  • Quicksheet v4 - offers advanced function support and complex number, date, time and text formats for Excel spreadsheets
  • Quickpoint v4 - allows users to edit all text, insert tables, resize and reorder images, view and edit text comments within PowerPoint files

Quickoffice v4 for Nokia S60

In addition, Quickoffice v4 provides an advanced file manager for efficient folder navigation. This allows seamless and easy management of all office documents maintained on a smartphone - whether created locally in Quickoffice, beamed via Infrared or Bluetooth, copied from a memory card or downloaded directly through a personal or corporate email solution ensuring tighter integration and improved productivity.


Nokia S60 3rd Edition Challenge  - Mobile office software

"Smartphone users place a high value on mobile office software functionality that enables them to stay productive while away from the office," said Barry Cottle, CEO of Quickoffice. "Quickoffice's new v4 features were developed on top of our highly successful v3 foundation, and this new release demonstrates our ongoing success in the global mobile office software market."


v4 software for Nokia S60 - Price & Availability

Also included in Quickoffice v4 is Quickmanager, an in-application tool that allows users to easily access valuable product updates and upgrades. As an integral part of the Quickoffice product suite, Quickmanager ensures users always have access to the latest Quickoffice products as well as additional relevant complementary applications. The software refreshes itself to ensure that the latest products are available. Billing, downloading and application installation all take place directly and securely from the smartphone using ‘over-the-air' (OTA) capabilities. The simple, easy purchase process is typically completed in minutes. Quickoffice v4 is compatible with all S60 3rd Edition phones, and can be purchased on, or OTA via Quickmanager, for $49.99.

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