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Ilse Jurrien
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Pantech fingerprint recognition phone

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Ilse Jurrien
Wednesday, January 10th 2007 - 03:23 CET - Comments: 0
P antech Group's up-to-date fingerprint recognition technology has attracted public attention. Australian IT online media “MobileWhack” reported on this 28th that a fingerprint phone “Pantech PG-6200” has received approval by American FCC and thus biometrics security system has been realized formally. In the first paragraph of the report, favorable comment is given as “Biometrics has been embodied through Pantech’s PG-6200”, this phone which has obtained approval by FCC is one of the world advanced phones built in fingerprint recognition function.”
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Pantech PG-6200 - Camera with self-timer function

Then, quoting from FCC document, it says: "This folder type PG-6200 phone has a 2 mega pixel CMOS camera and supports 30 frames per second in MPEG4 format", "PG-6200's camera has also a self-timer function. This product can join together in EU, North America/South America, Asia-Pacific and African regions and is compatible in EGSM 900MHz, DSS 1800MHz, PCS 1900MHz networks."


Pantech PG-6200 - 1.9 TFT LCD display
Especially, this report shows great interest in fingerprint recognition feature, "Fingerprint recognition is original feature with this product, by which only people who owns the fingerprint matching that stored in phone DB can make dial at specified phone numbers." And, this report also introduced in detail, "This phone supports 1.9" TFT LCD of main screen, 260k color and 176*220 pixel resolution, and 1.2" of sub-screen, 64k color and 96*129 pixel resolution, Bluetooth and micro SD slot for external memory. "



Pantech PG-6200 - Ergonomic design
Pantech has ever received "2006 iF design award", one of three greatest design awards in the world, with PG-6200 with its ergonomic design proud of perfectly beautiful curves. Based on distinguished design and technology, supply of this model of phone has been increasing since May last year when the product was released in Taiwan.


Pantech PG-6200 fingerprint recognition phone
Pantech Group has lead biometrics recognition phone markets recently by applying biometrics technology to phone and releasing successively products with earth-breaking advance in user convenience: since August 2004 when it made successful hits by exporting GSM fingerprint recognition phone "Pantech GI 100", the first in the world and this year it started export of "Pantech PG-2800" which can recognize handwriting made on keypad using a finger and, in August this year, it also released in domestic market a face recognition phone, "SKY IM-R100", which can automatically detect object and its rolling camera will move following the face and object.

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