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Dennis Hissink
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Danger Telstra hiptop 2

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Wednesday, January 10th 2007 - 00:38 CET - Comments: 0
D anger, Inc. announced the availability of its mobile Internet service in Australia with the launch of the Telstra hiptop2. Danger's entry into this market is another milestone for the company, building on the widespread popularity of Danger-powered devices, like the hiptop, that are sold in North America and Europe. The Telstra hiptop2 will be offered with unlimited data pricing for Australian consumers. Telstra is the market leader in Australia with over 8 million mobile subscribers, making the company a significant new partner for Danger.
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Danger hiptop 2 - Promising development

"Entering the Australian market is a promising development for Danger," said Henry R. Nothhaft, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Danger, Inc. "By entering new geographies, we are positioning the company for further growth."

Danger powered device
Danger-powered devices feature an award-winning software experience. In addition to a full-featured mobile phone and digital organizer, they provide an entire suite of mobile Internet applications, including HTML Web browser, push e-mail and instant messaging. Because of Danger's powerful operating system, multiple applications on the device run concurrently and interact with each other, providing a desktop-like multitasking experience that has resonated with consumers.

Danger hiptop 2 - Instant messages & Web pages
Behind each Danger-powered device is the Danger service, an innovative client/server software infrastructure that delivers data, such as instant messages and Web pages, in real-time. Using a world class data center the Danger service optimizes, compresses and then sends data securely over the wireless network to the device. The combined benefit is a high-performance user-experience for consumers and efficient use of network resources for wireless operators.

Danger Telstra hiptop 2 - OTA technology
Danger also uses the back-end service to provide ongoing software updates to devices already in the field. Using over-the-air (OTA) technology, Danger provides upgraded software to users as it becomes available, including new features and other improvements. Danger has been a leader in this technology since launching the Danger service four years ago.

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