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Geert Wassink
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Pantech C120 supplied to Cingular

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Wednesday, January 10th 2007 - 07:22 CET - Comments: 0
T he wave of “Mini & Slim” is leading the trend in the world handset markets. Pantech Group is supplying the second model handset, bar type slim phone, Pantech C120, to Cingular Wireless, American No.1 mobile telecom company. From this, following pushing into the American market in June with a mini phone model Pantech C300, introduction of Pantech C120 in three months means that Pantech Group has ensured a steady supply-chain, getting on the stable tracks in North American market.
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Pantech C120 - Slim design

Pantech C120 features strikingly bar type slim design, with a thickness only of 13.5mm. Equipped with various additional functions such MMS service and speaker phone and so on along with its–as built-in camera, SMS compact size (103*42.5*13.5mm, 75g) featuring striking mobility, based on the models that have been sold hot as "slim series" in Latin America and Russia markets, this handset is introduced now into the North American market in a new model.


Pantech increases position in North America
Sung-Kyu Lee, president of overseas general division of Pantech Group, said: "Supply of our product to American No.1 mobile telecom company one model after another means further recognition of the market on our product in quality and technology.", "Hot sale of mini phone C300 will continue with slim phone C120, to lead ‘mini & slim' trend, continuing increase of supply to strengthen its position in the North American markets. "


Pantech C300 - Mini & Slim concept phone
Especially, at the time the mini phone Pantech C300's popularity is rising, with introduction of another "mini & slim" concept phone, Pantech C120, a great increase in sales and profitability in the North American markets is expected. The "mini & slim", added "super compact, super slim and super light" concept to original slim design of Pantech Group, is leading current trend in the handset markets.


Pantech C300 - Matchbox size 
Meanwhile, the mini phone Pantech C300 supplied to Cingular in June by Pantech Group the first time as GSM to North American market, has been selected as promotion strategy model meeting Back-to-School season, the biggest high-demand season in America, and also sold in the large distributions as BEST BUY in America, and is continuing increase of sales with love of the young in North America with its super-mini design having a size only as a matchbox, helping strengthening the position of Pantech brand. By increasing supply of new model product and strengthening marketing activities, Pantech Group is planned to increase 20% in total number of unit of handset for export to America and to 70% in ratio of the number directly supplied to operators.  

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