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Mark Peters
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Cingular PDA based GPS Navigation

content type Press information Mail the editor Posted by Mark Peters
Tuesday, January 2nd 2007 - 01:17 CET - Comments: 0
C ingular Wireless became the first wireless carrier in the U.S. to introduce a wireless navigation system with 3D maps and "fuzzy search" when it launched an enhanced version of TeleNav GPS Navigatorâ„¢ on the Nokia E62 device. Using TeleNav GPS Navigator on the Nokia E62 device, customers will receive turn-by-turn directions while driving and view colorful 3D moving maps on the device's large, high-resolution screen, which measures 320 x 240 pixels. Just like an in-car navigation system, the 3D maps turn, move and stop as the driver does the same, while also displaying a realistic image of the streets the driver is approaching and streets they are passing. Users can also pan and zoom the map to view surrounding streets.
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Cingular TeleNav GPS Navigator

"The availability of the enhanced version of TeleNav GPS Navigator initially on the Nokia E62 device adds even more value to what is already an outstanding business device," said Jeff Bradley, vice president, business data services, for Cingular Wireless. "Not only do Cingular's E62 customers have a great wireless e-mail and Web browsing experience, they can now use the latest in wireless navigational technology for handhelds to boost productivity by more easily and quickly getting to job sites, business meetings and the like."


Cingular Mobile GPS navigation

"Mobile GPS navigation is rapidly becoming a defining capability in the U.S. and now customers using converged mobile devices for data applications can also realize the benefit of having navigation on their device," said Sean Ryan, a research analyst at IDC focusing on mobile enterprise devices. Other features provided with TeleNav GPS Navigator on the Nokia E62 device include searching "along-the-route" (ATR), allowing users to look up a business, place of interest, and even the lowest gas prices along their predetermined routes. In addition, TeleNav GPS Navigator on the Nokia E62 device includes "fuzzy search," also known as predictive address entry, which detects and automatically fills in addresses based on current or commonly-used locations, as well as corrective entry, which automatically revises information the user may have misspelled.


Nokia E62 Mobile Device

"Nokia developed the E62 to meet customers' business and personal needs," said Antti Vasara, senior vice president, Mobile Devices, Enterprise Solutions, Nokia. "TeleNav GPS Navigator is a solution which adds value while on business travel or simply getting directions to a friend's house on the weekend. This easy-to-use service can have a dramatic impact on our customers' daily lives and it's yet another reason for people to fall in love with the Nokia E62 device."




3D wireless navigation

"As Cingular continues to add TeleNav GPS Navigator capability on devices, it is enabling more and more customers the ability to enjoy navigation solutions directly from their wireless phones and PDAs," said H.P. Jin, president, CEO and co-founder of TeleNav, Inc. "Now, with 3D wireless navigation on a PDA a reality, TeleNav GPS Navigator has advanced even more in usability, features, content and price - challenging any need for customers to invest in separate, expensive personal navigation devices or in-car navigation systems." In addition to the Nokia E62 device, the TeleNav GPS Navigator service is available to Cingular business customers on the GPS-enabled HP iPAQ hw6920 Series Mobile Communicator, the Cingular 8525 and 8125 Pocket PCs, and the Palm® Treo® 650. A Bluetooth GPS receiver is required for non-GPS enabled wireless phones.


Free month trial of TeleNav GPS Navigator

Cingular is currently offering a free month trial of TeleNav GPS Navigator. Ongoing subscription to the service ranges from $5.99 per month for up to 10 trips or $9.99 a month for unlimited trips (Cingular data plan also required). The TeleNav GPS Navigator subscription includes free, automatic and ongoing map and Point of Interest (POI) content updates.

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