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Geert Wassink
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BenQ-Siemens movie for cellphones

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Wednesday, December 27th 2006 - 03:43 CET - Comments: 0
I n the world’s first movie series for mobile phones, Ben the dog goes through turbulent adventures in all sorts of places in London carrying his master, Mr. Q’s, mobile phone. The 60-second movies in 3GP format are tailored to a viewer’s requirements on a small screen. Swift camera movements and panorama shots are avoided, and the dialogue is also kept to a minimum. Moreover, several mobile models from various manufacturers support this format. Thus BenQ Mobile is tapping into the huge success of the MicroMovie Award and the MicroMovie Session.
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BenQ-Siemens Dog & Bone series

60-second movies from the "Dog & Bone" series can now be downloaded free of charge in the Fun Downloads area at the BenQ-Siemens website and at the MircoMovie website. Furthermore, the first episode of "Dog & Bone" will be preinstalled on the BenQ-Siemens M81, which will be on sale from August 2006. The "Dog & Bone" series format will be produced exclusively for mobile phones.


BenQ-Siemens MircoMovieAwards
Andreas Hafele, one of the up-and-coming directors nominated for the 2004 MicroMovie Awards, is the author and director of the first five episodes. In addition, Hafele won the "Young Director Award 2006" at Cannes in June 2006. The author has succeeded in creating an amusing, surreal story centered around a dog that spends a lovely day in London with his owner's mobile phone. The story is to unfold in successive episodes developed by young directors worldwide. Thus the plot will develop into a never-ending story that can take a completely new turn, depending on the director's regional background. Following the MicroMovie Award and the MicroMovie Session, BenQ Mobile is yet again setting standards for innovation in mobile content.

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